Singapore Grand Prix (SGP Prize)

The Singapore Literary Prize (SLP) is an annual literary award presented to works written in English by Singaporeans or permanent residents, in English language only. The winner receives both a cash prize of S$20,000 and trophy as an indication of excellence amongst local authors. The SLP has become one of the most coveted literary prizes in Singapore and an esteemed mark of distinction amongst local authors; over the years it has recognized various works including novels, short stories and poetry as well as biographies and memoirs written in other languages with translations receiving awards including Sonny Liew’s The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye being awarded in English Fiction this year!

Additionally to the main prize, an additional award will be presented for excellence in scholarly essay or book review category. Entries should be original and published within five years either print or online publication and have had an impactful message for research community in Singapore. Winning entries will be published in one of Singapore’s premier scientific journals.

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