The History of Sydney Ocean Pools

Sydney is world-famous for its Opera House and bridge, but lesser-known landmarks include its many ocean pools dotted along its beaches and coast. These man-made public seawater pools, commonly referred to as baths or bogey holes, allow swimmers to safely enjoy coastal waters while still experiencing Sydney’s unique coastal environment. This makes Sydney beaches truly special; these unique public seawater pools are the only such locations in Australia! But why have these appear?

History of swimming pools in Australia is complex, but they first appeared during the late 19th century as recreational and competitive swimmers needed somewhere safe from strong waves and shark attacks to do laps safely. Sandstone cliffs of many NSW beaches provided ideal places for pools to be built; these required substantial infrastructure to ensure their safety; this included lifeguard towers and fencing attached securely to its structure so it couldn’t be climbed or altered, as well as strong wind resistance designed to withstand these strong gusts of wind that were often present at these beaches.

Other facilities were added as well, including changing rooms, toilets and showers, refreshments, and refreshments provided by local businesses or community groups, charging users a nominal fee to use these amenities. As popularity for such pools grew, councils provided support in terms of providing toilet and shower blocks, decking seating and lighting.

Some pool sites, like the Bronte Baths and ring-of-rocks pools at Bondi Beach, can be more formal; other, such as Cabbage Tree Bay rock pools located at Manly and Shelly beaches respectively are less so and may simply be called baths or bogey holes. Cabbage Tree Bay rock pools even form part of an Eco Sculpture Walk!

At present, most ocean pools in NSW are owned and maintained by local councils; however, the government is currently working towards transitioning more to national parks or community ownership. If you plan to construct your own swimming pool, the first step should be consulting your local council to ascertain any relevant rules and regulations as well as understanding any heritage or conservation orders which might affect it.

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