5 Cool Hong Kong Pools to Enjoy This Summer

Hong Kong offers plenty of cool pools for swimming, splashing around or water sports enthusiasts to enjoy this summer. Ranging from luxurious rooftop pools with breathtaking city views to budget family-friendly spots – plus, when booking multiple stays you could earn bonus Asia Miles!

Kowloon Pool is an immensely popular attraction among children of all ages in Kowloon, featuring an exciting leisure pool area complete with fountains and slides as well as three different sessions every day. You can reach it easily via bus, MTR, or simply walking from the airport express station – unfortunately however the pool does not provide heat; those suffering from cold-blood may prefer another solution!

Bring along a towel, suncream and swimmingwear. The outdoor pool is great for kids; with small slides and water guns as well as animals to climb on. Beware though: peak times could become overcrowded.

Indoor training pools tend to be smaller, making them an excellent option for more serious swimmers and their water slides for older children. But they can become overcrowded during summer months.

Hong Kong can be an intense and hectic place, so this pool offers the ideal way to unwind from city life. Boasting a huge terrace that overlooks Victoria Harbour and lush vegetation, you can take a dip or simply lounge out on one of their loungers while taking in breathtaking views.

Popular with both locals and visitors alike, this pool provides an oasis of peace in the middle of town. While pricier than other options on this list, its gorgeous surroundings, superior service and top-of-the-line facilities more than make up for any additional costs incurred – plus it stays open well after dark so you can stay and unwind after sundown!

Location: Converted Church This iconic Hong Kong pool offers visitors an unforgettable swimming experience, particularly those travelling with young children as it features plenty of shallow areas for them to splash around in. Furthermore, staff are very welcoming and helpful while its terrace makes for a lovely drink stop!

An ideal plan would be to visit public pools during the week instead of weekends as this will reduce crowding levels significantly. Furthermore, many pools close for cleaning or annual maintenance on certain days; it’s wise to check their website beforehand and stay updated! Also keep in mind that many public pools provide lockers where you can store belongings – they usually cost $5 but bring $10 just in case!