Allied Telesis, Tech Data and the PDPO

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Data has become a vital component of digital economies, vital to the production of goods and services that rely on it. A carmaker needs the data feed their onboard algorithms; an enterprise cannot develop new applications without adequate information; and telecom providers cannot deploy high-performance networks unless they possess adequate data center infrastructure. This new role has profound ramifications for business strategy as well as technology investments.

Data is becoming an organization’s most prized possession. To realize its full value, businesses need a clear understanding of its usage by users, who is using it and why. With this understanding in hand, companies can leverage the information they own for competitive advantage or identify and implement solutions tailored specifically to meeting business goals. That’s why Tech Data Distribution (Hong Kong) Limited (Tech Data HK), part of TD SYNNEX Group of companies, offers an innovative global approach to IT distribution and solutions aggregation through providing innovative IT products and services that solve real business problems and open growth prospects.

Tech Data HK stands as the world’s premier IT distributor, making them uniquely equipped to support their digital transformation requirements. Their global reach and deep expertise within the IT ecosystem ensure customers can maximize the return on their IT investments while realizing business outcomes. Tech Data HK boasts more than 150,000 product SKUs from best-of-breed technology vendors ensuring they bring solutions quickly to market at just the right time.

Additionally, the PDPO makes clear that when personal data is transferred outside Hong Kong and controlled by a Hong Kong data user, that user is ultimately accountable for complying with its provisions even if an agent or contractor handles its transfer. This recommendation helps support extra-territorial application of the law while alleviating concerns over its effectiveness in practice.

Network AI software from Allied Telesis enables enterprises to automate many administrative tasks and anticipate security concerns before they arise, making compliance with PDPO requirements simpler for them. An improved IT operation allows organizations to devote more resources towards innovation and growth – helping them stay ahead of competitors and increase profitability. In fact, the Allied Telesis Network AI solution is already helping customers realize better financial results and enhance their operational efficiencies in today’s challenging economic environment. Network AI solutions are being adopted globally by leading service providers and carriers, who seek to open up new revenue streams while expanding customer bases. Its use is expected to expand significantly over the coming years due to Internet of Things devices, cloud computing platforms and artificial intelligence – all driving greater automation in IT systems.