The Prince Of Wales Visits Singapore For The Earthshot Prize 2023

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Prince of Wales to travel to Southeast Asia for Earthshot Prize 2023 awards ceremony

This prize recognizes books which have made an extraordinary contribution to our understanding of Singapore history, such as Professor John Miksic from National University of Singapore’s work ‘Singapore And The Silk Road Of The Sea, 1300-1800’ which reinterprets Singapore’s precolonial past within an international framework. NUS created this prize in 2014, and will present it triennially from now on.

Pollisum Engineering, a local start-up based out of South Australia, was one of five finalists. They created an innovative battery storage solution which provides power for construction sites at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional diesel generators – while also significantly reducing noise pollution, CO2 emissions, air pollution and noise pollution. Their system has now been deployed on over 130 construction projects including high rise buildings and the Central Business District.

Enertainer, another finalist, has designed a battery-powered mobile platform that stores energy on-site and powers equipment such as generators. Customers can easily install and receive this system in a matter of hours, saving both time and money; currently being utilized by over 50 construction industry firms saving them an estimated annual operational costs savings of US$300,000. In return for being recognized, The Enertainer will receive a $1 Million prize, helping expand their technology to deliver larger volumes and expand market penetration.

Finalists also include a firm which assists companies in using drones for deliveries and an organization which assists migrants integrate into life in Singapore. Winners will be announced during a prize ceremony scheduled to take place later in November.

The prize panel, composed of experts from across industries, will assess all entries according to the following criteria: