Singapore Pools Review

singapore pools

Singapore Pools was established by the government in 1968 to organize and operate a state-run lottery that would benefit both economy and society in an ethical and fair manner. As a not-for-profit organisation, its surpluses go towards funding worthy causes that help strengthen community life; additionally, employee engagement programs encourage employees to practice responsible gambling behaviour.

Singapore Pools provides an array of services, such as sports betting, online casino gaming and mobile apps for customers to access via bank link, eNETS or cash at Singapore Pools outlets. Their user-friendly, mobile compatible website features competitive odds along with 24/7 customer service support for added peace of mind.

Singapore Pools makes betting on sports events easy through its website or phone line. It provides users with easy navigation and multiple language support as well as offering single bets, accumulator bets and system bets – plus live streaming of selected sporting events!

Singapore Pools stands out as an innovative gambling provider while upholding social responsibility by being committed to employee engagement and offering benefits such as healthcare coverage and tuition subsidies, training courses and opportunities to develop new skills. Furthermore, their CEO Yeo Tiong Loy is passionate about giving back to the community.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, the company organizes various community outreach and volunteering activities for employees. Furthermore, the Singapore Pools Foundation benefits from these donations while joining UN-Habitat Asia Pacific Regional Facility Management Network since 2015.

To enter Singapore Pools Lotterie, applicants must be citizens or permanent residents with an NRIC/FIN number and aged 21 or above. You also must live within Singapore. Lastly, submit identification documents as proof of address when opening an account with Singapore Pools.

If you win a prize, make sure you keep the ticket without altering or writing on it – this will allow Singapore Pools staff to verify its security code and barcode upon collecting your winnings at the counter. In addition, double check that it contains information regarding race event, bet type selections, purchase date/time, security number and barcodes.

Singapore Pools provides an expansive selection of betting options, spanning football and motor racing betting to 4D and Toto; virtual game betting can even be done between friends. Furthermore, your Singapore Pools account can even be used overseas provided that you are legally an adult with internet access.