Singapore Pools – Staying Ahead of the Curve

Singapore Pools is your go-to online betting provider if you want to bet on sports games online. Bettors can place bets on horse races and football matches; motor racing events; lottery games like Toto and Singapore Sweep; as well as find out more by visiting its website.

In 2016, Singapore Pools received approval from the government to operate online betting platforms with certain safeguards such as only permitting individuals aged 21 or above to open accounts, setting daily betting limits and setting daily account opening limits. This move enabled punters to gamble anytime from anywhere at any given moment; as well as opening up sports and live football match betting opportunities.

But, despite these advances, the company remains true to its core values and committed to improving customer lives. For instance, in 2018 it partnered with several organisations such as Personalised Love, CPAS Adult Services, Metta School Grace Orchard School and Eden Centre For Adults that created meaningful impact beyond financial giving – these partnerships focused on helping children and adults build resilience, develop social skills and master coping mechanisms when faced with obstacles.

The company has also prioritized using technology to better serve its customers, with a digitalization initiative helping it stay ahead of emerging gaming trends while at the same time adhering to rigorous regulatory standards.

Singapore Pools’ digital channels enable it to collect customer spending and betting patterns through customer transactions. This data enables it to understand what customers are most interested in using its products and services for, helping it offer more relevant products and services while working closely with authorities to combat illegal gambling activities.

Singapore Pools, as a member of the Global Alliance for Responsible Gambling, provides a self-exclusion service enabling individuals to voluntarily prohibit themselves from opening or maintaining an account with them. Furthermore, educational campaigns to raise awareness about problem gambling were also undertaken; their website and e-services portal have also been enhanced since 2022 to make accessing information about problem gambling and applying for self-exclusion easier; counsellors whom ST contacted have suggested this may have contributed to an increase in self-exclusions.