Hong Kong Pools

Hong Kong remains scorching hot year round (except for perhaps one and a half months of delayed winter ), so refreshing off with a swim is often the ideal way to spend the day. Our skyscraper city boasts numerous hotel pools ideal for splashing about and sipping cocktails while relaxing – here are our four picks.

Island Shangri-La’s stunning 28-metre outdoor pool will bring the outdoors inside, offering stunning seascape views as you soak in their soothing jacuzzi as the sunset rolls in – providing an experience hard to match!

Aqua, located on the 27th floor of The Mirage Hotel and Casino, provides stunning views with its amazing pool area featuring multiple pools to suit everyone – swimming in their main pool, practicing your diving techniques in their diving pool or simply having fun with kids in two kid-friendly pools are just a few choices among many!

One of the best parts is enjoying drinks and snacks by the pool without worry of crowds thanks to its private terrace. This truly provides an opportunity to soak in the atmosphere and spend quality time – you won’t regret it!

The pool at Victoria Harbour View Park is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic attractions – not only does its stunning design make an impressionful statement, but its size also stands out amongst others in town. Surrounded by lush greenery and restaurants, it makes an idyllic spot for peaceful relaxation – not forgetting Victoria Harbour itself being just another treat!

Hong Kong residents likely already know of Pao Yue Kong Swimming Complex. With pools of all shapes and sizes to suit every taste – lap swimming in the main pool, practicing diving skills in the dive pool, or unwinding with an outdoor jacuzzi – there’s something here for everyone.

Swimming complexes are popular venues for school-based sporting events, but booking ahead is essential to secure your preferred time slot and avoid cancellation without incurring penalties – therefore it is always advisable to plan in advance! Slots may be booked up to four months in advance with no guarantee that your desired date/time will be available; also bear in mind that cancellation cannot be refunded; so planning ahead is always wise!