Hong Kong Pools to Cool Off in the Cool Autumn Air

Are You Traveling or Staycating this Summer? Check Out Hong Kong’s Pools For An Escape From the Heat

As autumn slowly sets in, jumping into a pool to beat the heat is the perfect way to relieve pressure and alleviate tensions between government and unions over staff shortages. Although most public pools have since reopened their doors due to staff shortages disputes between governments and unions, there remain plenty of chances to enjoy a refreshing dip!

Here are the best Hongkong pools you should visit this season:

The Peninsula Hotel’s iconic indoor pool is an eye-catching masterpiece that transports you back in time, transporting you back to a Roman palatial setting. Boasting stunning city skyline views, its magnificent layout offers ample room for lap swimming or simply lounging around and unwinding. Furthermore, this space serves as an opportunity to admire its exquisite interior design with statuesque columns and an innovative water installation featuring mushroom and tree-shaped fountains – great features indeed!

Rosewood Asaya offers an idyllic outdoor infinity pool for sunbathers to unwind and unwind, perfect for relaxing after an active day on Victoria Harbour. Exclusive to hotel guests only, you’ll swim without crowds while admiring Victoria Harbour from day to night. Once your morning laps are complete, head upstairs for lunch on their pool deck while admiring stunning city skylines!

Tsing Yi swimming complex provides families and individuals alike with eight different pools to choose from, making it the perfect destination. This large indoor complex includes a main pool, training/teaching pool, leisure pool designed for toddlers as well as two giant water slides. Plus there are food/beverage outlets nearby should anyone get peckish!